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It is crucial to use the correct materials when branding a vehicle to ensure your branding lasts. Branding a vehicle can be a costly investment, thus you want it to be done right the first time to last as long as possible. We only use the best quality films and lamination when branding vehicles. We make sure preparation of films are done correctly, the printing process is done according to spec and the important curing process is followed.


Applying films to a vehicle seems easy at first, but it is quite a skill to master to get it done without any bubbles or creases. Our team of applicators are well trained with lots of experience to get your branding done perfect. We take our time when applying decals to make sure it is done properly and will not lift up any time soon.

We can brand your vehicles and trucks inside our factory to ensure branding is done in a dust-free environment. We are also geared to brand vehicles off-site at your own premises.


Marketing and advertising is one of the most important factors in a business, if no one sees you or knows about you, how can they support you?

That is why vehicle branding is such an effective way of getting your name out there. Think about it, your vehicles are driving all over with the potential of being a mobile advertising board and reaching thousands of potential customers in a day.

A professionally branded fleet of vehicles will show your customers that your business means business. It forms part of your corporate identity and enables customers to relate to your brand more easily.

A few tips when advertising on your vehicle:

  1. Determine what is the message you want to send to your customers.
  2. Make sure your branding is effective by using striking designs and colors to draw attention.
  3. Your advertisement must be short and to the point, no one has time to read a whole book printed on your vehicle.
  4. Make it visible with nice big letters that can be read from far away.
  5. Remember that your audience will only have seconds to read your advertisement.


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