Technical advice

 In-house Manufacture

 Installations & rigging

 Over 20 years’ experience

“They are always willing to go the extra mile for both John Deere and our dealer network” Carla Engelbrecht, John Deere SA



• Safety Signs

• Road Signs

• Reflective Signs & Tapes

• Commercial advertising signs

• Wipe-off & Glass Notice boards

• Digital printed stickers & decals

• Window decals

• PVC Banners

• Labels & NCR Books

• Business cards & flyers

• Stamps

• Laser engraving

• Engraved information plates

• Aluminium, brass, acrylic engraved plates

• Teardrop banners

• Telescopic banners

• Pop-up Banners

• Gazebos

• Vehicle Branding

• Truck Branding

• Fleet branding

• Trailer Branding

• 3D signs

• Aluminium cut-out signs

• Light Boxes

• LED backlitsigns

• CNC Routing services

• Custom panels

• Polycarb security screens/burglar bars

Our ability to do everything in-house allows us to offer quality service with faster turnaround times


Planning your signage project is very important. Each signage project is planned and executed as an unique project under specific circumstances. Our team of experts are ready to assist with planning and technical advice to ensure we meet your requirements.


We offer also offer a designing service to help you create brand new designs or edit existing ones. We have a full time graphic designer at SSW to ensure we are able to tackle any design work professionally in the quickest time possible.

With a huge range of ready designed safety signage for the construction and mining sectors, we will save you time and make it so much easier to get the right signage.


Giving us that competitive edge is the fact that the entire process of manufacturing is done in-house. With excellent quality large format printers printing on only the best brands of vinyl and lamination films, we ensure that we give our customers the best quality possible. Applying all the trade secrets of the signage industry in the manufacturing process, it enables us to produce great quality products.

Our fully equipped workshop effectively constructs all steel work, frames, poles and attachments. Welding, spray painting and assembly are all done by our own team.

With all departments working together, our team is constantly striving to give you the best service possible.

Have Any Questions?

If you need any help or advise before you start your next commercial or safety signage project please talk to us.


Life is all about keeping the balance – and so is a business. We believe that to be successful in the modern times, a business cannot only be about the money. There are so many elements that need to be combined and executed in harmony to ensure all aspects compliment and help each other.

We believe in a good balance between quality and pricing to ensure our customers do not overpay for poor quality, but rather get a good quality product at a competitive price.  At the end of the day we are here to deliver a service and product that benefits all parties involved in a fair way.

We also believe that businesses need to invest back into their communities. We cannot only receive without giving back. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable and we love to help out where projects aim to help them.

The most important aspect is our relationships with our customers and employees. We cannot build a successful business without one of these parties. Building a solid relationship with customers where we can still interact with that human touch is very important to us, we want you to leave as a friend.

Happy employees working in a healthy and thriving business environment is our aim as they are the driving force of the business on a daily basis.

Keeping the balance is the key to ensure that we continue to grow and adapt in modern times where we can still offer our services.